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Chapter 295
Film title

KONOZ is one of the Ministry of Media's initiatives in supporting the local filmmaking industry, as well as enriching the Saudi cultural content.

Chapter 95 Film  was one of the documentaries produced by Konoz as a highlight of the most important Saudi events happened in 2022

I had the pleasure and honor to work on the title of the film

Chapter 295_Ca 5_2022-11-18_15.57.231.jpg

The art direction of the title was inspired by the calendar since the idea of the film is to highlight the events of a year.

We went through a creative research to review old styles of calendar and then how to best design the overall art direction with the footage provided by the production house.

creative research1.gif
Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 2.47.39 PM.png

Client : KONOZ, Ministry of Media
production House : CARBON

Film Director: Obadah
Title Design : Ali Alfaifi

Chapter 295_Ca 8_2022-11-18_15.55.43.jpg
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