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Once again with the great people at Alfa.Co, we worked on an idea they developed which is Cook@Home which was a solution to increase sales during quarantine

The challenge was to develop the campaign without being able to shoot or to do any kind of production

Steakhouse cook@home_Main2_2020-05-24_23
Steakhouse cook@home_Main2_2020-05-24_23
Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 7.03.56 AM.png

The Art Direction was developed by our great people in the art department led by Rawan Sagga, it is self explanatory !

Steakhouse cook@home_Main2_2020-05-24_23

Agency: UBRAND

Creative Director: Khalid Albarq
Project Manager: Abdullrahman Al Ibrahim

Director / Editor: Ali Alfaifi
Head of Art & Design: Rawan Sagga

Art Director: Raida

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