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This presentation emphasizes on how important it is to take control of shaping our own image internationally, especially since Saudi Arabia today is effective on a global level and that of course comes with expected and unexpected reactions.

Nothing mentioned in this presentation is news, but I wanted to go through my whole thinking so I provide a combined idea. Maybe the one thing I wanna emphasize is, news platform needs creative direction, creative copywriting, and art direction alongside the heart of it witch is jurnalism in order to reach wider audience.

Websites and News Platforms Mentioned :


Main examples:

Vice News Platform

Virtue World Wide Vice's Creative Agency


Vox News Platform

Vox Media Vox's Mother Company

The Explainer Studio Vox's Creative Agency

AJ+ News Platform

Aljazeera Vox's Mother Company

Other examples:

Bloomberg News Platform

Great Big Story News Platform

The Economist News Platform

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