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SADAD | فواتيرك لها قيمة

I was honored to direct this TVC for The Saudi Payments service SADAD, the campaign focused on how paying bills before Sadad was, and how each journey to pay one bill was a whole memory that we wont forget as much as it was also a struggle.

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I had the opportunity to work with such great team from the amazing client who gave us the trust, to the agency and production teams.

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Agency: UBRAND
Creative Director: Khalid Albarq

Copywriter : Adel Alfaifi

Production House: Bananalab Studio

Post Production: Kinglet
Director: Ali Alfaifi

AD: Lujain
DP: Amro Alammari

Project Manager: Mohammed Marwan

Equipment: Eqew Rental

Art Director: Deimes Kabalan

Casting: Alanoud

Makeup: Saryah

Wardrobe: Badria

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