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ابتسامة لكل مكان


This was our second major campaign at UBRAND with the great people at which is Piatto new brand launch campaign. Piatto is one of the well known Italian restaurants in Saudi, and what a great privilege for me to direct their TVC

At UBRAND as the agency I participated in the creative concept and the overall direction of the campaign pitching the TVC idea as an animatic edit that the client loved

I had the trust and support from UBRAND to be the director of the commercial, and with a professional  production team, and a stunning post production artists we ended up with this video. 


Client: Alpha.Co
Agency: UBRAND
Creative Director: Khalid Albarq
Account Manager: Abdullah Albarq

Director: Ali Alfaifi
AD: Deema Najim
DP: Abdullah Alshuridah
Equipment: EQEW Rental
Production Manager: Abdulrahman Alfares
Art Director: Ibrahim Aldineh
Music: Abdulazeez Alshehri 

Editor: Ali Alfaifi
Motion Designers: Amro Atta & Ahmed Bilal

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