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Al Soudah Season

We were thrilled at UBRAND to have the opportunity to work on Al Soudah Season campaign which this music video was a part of.


Building the campaign started about two months earlier prior to the season launch. We worked on every detail starting from the concept development to working on the main visuals and the rest of the deliverables. One of the things we pitched to our client is the music video, which they loved. So we proceeded and started finalizing the song with our great Abdulazeez and his team, then we moved to building the director's treatment who happen to be our won creative director Khaled Albarq, I was honored to be his assistant in the whole process. I also directed and participated in the animation and VFX process in the post production phase. 

Client : Al Soudah Season 
. . .
Agency : UBRAND
Creative Director : Khaled Albarq
Production Manager : Muhanned Jamil

Music Producer : Abdulazeez
Sr Motion Art Director : Ali Alfaifi
Sr Motion Designer : Amro Atta
Motion Designer : Ahmed Bilal

Production House : Concept.Film
Director : Khaled Albarq

Assistant Director : Ali Alfaifi
Producer : Omar Mageed
Dop : Amr Alammari
Video Editor : Mohammad Noor
Art Director : Ibrahim Aldineh
Makeup : Saryah Alashek
Production Manager : Mohammad Mrawan
Equipment : EQEW Rental

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